Oil on Canvas, 2019, 53.5 x 49.0 cms 





John Ferry graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1985.

During the following years he has held Scottish Arts Council & British Council funded residencies and exhibited work throughout the UK, Europe, USA. His recent paintings make references to journeys, drawing inspiration from filmic, painterly and literary influences.

'Ferry is a painter who can handle oil paint to exploit its malleability with accomplishment. He employs scraffito, scraping and impasto, layering and cutting through the canvas as if taking his own exploratory journey to the depths of the unknown. Loss is not only about losing one’s bearings. 'Ode to Dolores' is in part a paean to the singer whose death was announced while Ferry was working on this series. Fragments of human experience are embedded in these works. These are contemplative pieces. Like the figure in the paint, we too lose the constraint that fear of the everyday imposes on our worldly existence.' 

Review: Karen Strang, 30.03.18: http://www.johnferry.info/news/14276685